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Why I am running for Congress

In 1975 I arrived in this great country as a refugee from Vietnam.  With barely any notice I was forced to leave behind my life and job as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Chief Justice of Vietnam’s Supreme Court.  I boarded a plane with my wife and small children and arrived in America penniless.  I worked as dish washer, a shoe repairer, a machine operator, and a teacher.  I began working in the mailroom of a prominent law firm before working my way up to being a paralegal.  I went back to law school before I eventually became the United State’s first federally appointed Vietnamese-American immigration judge.  I understand the value of hard work; of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps; of the American way.
For 18 years I proudly served as a federally appointed judge in San Francisco.  That experience taught me that no single person, side, or party has a monopoly on good policy versus bad policy; on fair versus unfair; and on right versus wrong.  Congress has time and again failed to remember this fact.  Partisan bickering has led to gridlock, constant fighting, and attempts to divide our nation into red states and blue states.  Those in power too often put the interests of partisanship and money above the interests of people and country. 
It’s time for a new direction and ending the partisanship gridlock.  It’s time that your representative was held accountable to you and not to their party or the special interest money that bankrolled their election.   Let’s change Washington together.  Let’s elect a Congress that vows to work together not against each other.  I am Judge Tue Phan and I want to be your next
congressman.  People and ideas.  Not party.  Not politics.  Not lobbyists.
If you have any questions, ideas, or comments please send your email to me.
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We face a number of issues at the national, regional, state and local levels.  If you elect me to represent the 11th Congressional District, I commit to you that I will work extremely hard to address all issues diligently.  My position on many of these issues can be found HERE

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