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Report of the 2014 election campaign for the
California Congressional District 11
Danville, November 18, 2014
Dear friends and supporters,
I announced my candidacy on January 14th, 2014 at the Sunrise Walnut Creek Rotary Club, Walnut Creek, California. 
I filed my declaration of candidacy on March 7th.  The primary election was held on June 3rd, 2014.  I was one of six candidates, and the only Republican candidate, running for California’s 11th Congressional District.  In California the top two vote getters in a primary election irrespective of party affiliation advance to the general election.  I finished second garnering 28% of the ballots.  This was 23% higher than the candidate who finished in third place.  There was roughly 20% turned out voters of all parites.  It was from that position that my campaign moved into the general election, very much still an uphill battle against all the odds.
Unfortunately the odds were too steep for us to overcome on Election Day, Nov. 4th.  I am proud to report, however, that I received 53,023 casting votes, more than 33% of the general election vote.  There was approximately 48% turned out voters of all parties.  Republicans make up roughly 24% of the registered voters in Contra Costa County.  What these statistics show is that my message of honesty, integrity, and a promise that I would work for the District 11 and not a political party or lobbyist was a message that voters across all political stripes could believe in. 
As of 10-15-2014, the Federal Election Commission posted that my campaign raised a total of $118,469.  My opponent raised a total of $493,973.  My campaign did not receive any contribution from any Special Interest groups.  My opponent received $ 286,506 from PAC, which is more than ½ of the money he raised.
From the beginning, I knew I was up against momentous odds.  With my wife, I started our campaign with a small group of Vietnamese volunteers from San Jose.  This group was able to be active only up to the primary election.  We had no campaign headquarter other than the dining table of our home.  We organized and ran with a handsfull of staff and local volunteers working over time in the three months leading to Election Day.  But with your support, we fought a good fight.  Our campaign was strong and effective. 
Per Wikipedia, I garnered the second highest number of Republican votes in 40 years and the highest number in 20 years in Contra Costa County which covers district 11.   See table below:

1994          27.4%      69.7%       7
1996          23.3%      71.9%       7
1998          23.3%      76.7%       7
2000          21.2%      76.5%       7
2002          26.4%      70.8%       7
2004          23.9%      76.1%       7
2006          16.0%      84.0%       7
2008          21.8%      72.8%       7
2010          31.7%      68.3%       7
2012          30.9%      69.1%      11
2014          33.8%      66.2%      11

One of the most important freedoms we enjoy of this great country is the right to vote.  The campaign has now ended.  I would like to reflect and to offer my deep thanks to all volunteers and donors, near and far, whom many I had never met, yet who believed in me and in my message.  I would like to thank the 53,023 American citizens who voted for me. 
Van and I wish you and your beloved family a healthy and happy holiday season.
With Gratitude,
Tue Phan
Former Candidate for Congressional District 11
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