Celebrities lead a way complex life than us.

They are judged over their physical appearance, dressing sense, performances and what not.

In short, their stardom cost them a fortune and they tend to be in continuous struggle to maintain their status and position in the industry.

skinny Selena Gomez was spotted looking thinner than ever

When talk about Selena Gomez, one can swear how talented the girl is.

From her linkups to her medical conditions, the singer-cum-actress manages enjoy media attention all the time.

But as said, stardom does not come easy and so, Selena too, was victimized of body shaming a couple of years back.

In 2015, the beauty shared her photos on instagram holidaying in Mexico.

While the pictures depicted how joyful and happy Selena is, people targeted her curves and started trolling her with their nasty comments.

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It was then assumed that the 25 years old will take the criticism seriously and will transform herself as a shut up call, however, nothing seemed to shatter her confidence until being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Lupus.


Lupus, the medical condition Selena was diagnosed with, had a great toll on her eating habits.

Since the problem was followed by anxiety and depression as its repercussions, the singer ended up experiencing binge eating.

Selena Gomez Workout Routine And Diet PlanSelena in fact, was well aware of her unhealthy eating habits; however, she was driven to it unintentionally.

Thankfully, she took command timely and started taking the condition seriously.

She shifted her focus on her mental health, the effects of which were doing utmost damage to her physical health.

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Selena does not look the same now. She is healthy and looks too magnificent. The singer has successfully kicked off the unwanted pounds and has overcome all her unhealthy habits.

She now aims to support those facing the similar level of problems like hers. For that, the girl seems to use her star power too justly!

  • Height: 1.65m (5.4”)
  • Current Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
  • Weight loss in 2015-2016: 20lbs
  • Measurements: 36-28-35 inches.


To get back into a healthy state, Selena sought professional help through Amy Rosoff.

Amy focused on all the essential aspects of Selena’s lifestyle and paid heavy emphasis on all.

selena gomez body

So, here are the changes Selena was made to do in her lifestyle:


According to Selena Gomez diet, she must have more organic foods as her eating choices.

Besides, things that were listed in the ‘must have’ category of her chart were:

  1. Vegetables.
  2. Fruits.
  3. Proteins.
  4. Grains.
  5. Nuts.
  6. Coconut water.
  7. Fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

Things Selena was asked to avoid were almost everything that comes under the class of junk.

Furthermore, was strictly advised to stay away from packaged and processed foods.


Amy believes that following the same, repeated workout patterns can cause monotonous and so, one may not feel connected to it all the time.

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Thereby, variation is the key to make the training more fun and engaging.

For this purpose, Selena Gomez workout plan enclosed everything that can keep her interest levels higher.

Some activities that are a part of her trainings are:

  1. Dance cardio.
  2. Pilates.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Circuit training,
  5. Spinning.
  6. Hiking.

But regardless of the kind of training she follows in a given time, she never forgets to stretch. Stretching, as most of us know, is followed by a plethora of benefits for our body.

Apart from diet and training, Amy guided the singer to think positive and love herself.

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There were many other tips by Amy that directed and led Selena Gomez weight loss.


The singer’s consistent efforts for a year yielded her the results she desired.

selena gomes before and after 2018

The much-loved Selena Gomez before and after photos made the masses go crazy and sought for the answers that helped her with this surprising transformation!

Tips and directions Selena Gomez followed were:

  1. Weigh your diet rather than yourself.
  2. Take as much as water for the detoxification of body.
  3. Never starve yourself as this leads to a slow metabolism.
  4. Say no to junk and yes to whole foods.
  5. Follow a mixed workout to stay motivated.
  6. Dance your heart out for a quick boost in mood.
  7. Think positive about your body so that you can build confidence in yourself.
  8. You need time for yourself, this will help you relax and stay out of stress.
  9.  Stretch, for better circulation of blood.


Considering all the bits shared by Amy Rosoff, we do not doubt how Selena waved off her extra weight so easily and quickly.

Definitely, a right direction and thorough assistance is very important for someone who is up for a serious change!

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To sum up, weight loss is stressful and patience testing, but with a right guidance, one can make it enjoyable and full of results.

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